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Review: Lila Felix's Perchance

Author: Lila Felix
Genre: YA Romance

Remi Harris has a plan. Graduate high school, go to college, become a history teacher, be self-sufficient unlike her mother who is a struggling single mom. And the word ‘boy’ has no place in her plan.
Cooper Neal has been sent to his estranged father’s house to spend his Senior year getting to know him. And maybe, just maybe, there will be some cute girls in the small town.

Cooper sees Remi and he falls hard. Remi sees Cooper and wonders if she can do both. The question is; will he ruin her plans, or will she let him be a part of them?

Remi  (Victoria Justice)

Cooper (Logan Lerman)

My Review:

Lila is a master artist when it comes to creating love stories. She takes people that are eternally optimistic, despite their troubled pasts & together they learn that the power of love can conquer all darkness. Each one of Lila's stories is a unique lesson in self reliance, hope, trust & endless ardoration. Perchance is a beautiful example of Lila's devotion to creating realistic characters that will envelope her readers & make them a part of this enchanting love story.
This story begins with Remi, she is determined not to end up like her mother: stuck with four kids and two dead end jobs. To break away from the negative cycle her mom has created, Remi takes the opportunity to move in with her Aunt Brenda to a small Louisiana town.  On the other side of that same town, Cooper moves in with his estranged father. When these two meet, it's an instant attraction & Cooper can't stop the irresistible pull he feels toward Remi. Although she's drawn to Cooper, Remi begins an internal battle due to her mother's constant warnings of the "evils" of men. This however, doesn't detour Cooper from showering Remi with romantic gestures. Remi can't help but fall hopelessly in love with him, I mean who wouldn't love a boy that takes you on picnics & brings you lunch, right? *sigh*
As in all relationships, Remi & Cooper have their issues.  After receiving a seemingly innocent gift, Remi makes a decision that crushes Cooper & brings him to his knees. He has no choice but to wait for Remi to work through her anxiety. Can Remi accept Cooper's desire to be a part of her life, or will her apprehensions overshadow her devotion to Cooper? You'll have to read Perchance to find out!!

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What I thought about Perchance:

I absolutely loved this book & I fell in love with Remi & Cooper immediately!!! Remi & Cooper's devotion to one another is awe-inspiring with a comical twist from Cooper. His positive attitude  will have you smiling at your iPad like a spaz, NOT that I would know from personal experience or anything..........*sigh* ok I do know. Trust me, you just won't be able to help yourself! This is an uplifting story that will renew your faith in the power of true love

The Myrtles Plantation

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Ugh.........what I wouldn't give for super powers."
"If you are standing here thinking that you don't know if you love him or not, you're fooling yourself."
~Aunt Brenda
"She held the reign on my every thought and she probably didn't even know it."
ove him with everything you have every single day."
"I won't break you pistol, I won't."
"You gonna stand there all night ogling me?"
"Being scared together isn't as bad as being scared alone, don't you think?"

The swimming hole

About my girl Lila:

 I am a stay at home mom from the South and wife to the most giving and hard working husband ever.  I love to cook and try out new recipes even if they don't always turn out like I want them to.  I refer to my kids lovingly as the Three Stooges as they are constantly coming up with new ways to reek havoc in the house.  Most recently that included putting a rubberband on the kitchen sink sprayer so it would douse me when I did the dishes.  I love to go to roller derby bouts and read in my spare time.  I write mostly at night when the house is silent and I can sneak cookies without having to share!

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I hope ya'll enjoyed this review and choose to buy Perchance, happy reading!!!

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