Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review and Release Day Blast: the AMAZING Lila Felix's "The Second Jam" (A Love and Skate Novel)

*This is Book One of the Love and Skate spin-off series.*

For months, Cyrus Black has been in hiding. After ruining
his cousin’s chances of college, he goes from job to job, from place to place,
making sure he doesn’t have to face them—or himself.
Beatriz Morales is set. She has a plan, a schedule, and a
dream. Life has thrown her a few curve balls, but nothing keeps a derby woman
She’d never admit it, but she’s stretched too thin.
Something has to give.
Love doesn’t just choose a person to see our
strengths—sometimes love chooses the person we trust with our weaknesses.
The choice is hers. 


My Lila girl does it again!! Now I adore Cyrus (as I do ALL her make characters) in fact my closet is becoming quit full of my fictional book boy friends ( perhaps I should stop stealing them?) Lila has the ability to bring you into her character's lives and fall in love with them.
Cyrus is hiding, biding time from life until he finds away to deal with this pain. It's easier to push people away than let them in and risk the pain of rejection.
Beatriz is determined to keep on skating (lol get it?) and move on with her life.  She's determined to move on from her past and let nothing stand in her way. Doing so much and being so headstrong has its drawbacks. Beatriz has a lot on her plate and the walls are slowly closing in ( not that she'd ever admit it!)
Cyrus needs her to ground him and Beatriz needs him to help her smell the roses.  The only problem is can they ever admit their true feeling to each other, let alone themselves?
My Thoughts:

As always, Lila hits her mark with sassy, lovable and memorable characters. You can't help but fall in love with this story and learn the healing power of love.  This story ( as all of Lila's stories) will stay with you for a long time to come.
5 out of 5 tea cups!

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