Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cover Reveal: Heln Boswell's "Eternal" (Mythology # 3)

A note from the author:

Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of the
cover to the third and final installment of the Mythology YA series! I’ve had
such an amazing publishing journey with these books, and I’m forever grateful
to fans both old and new who have supported me along the way.

Such exciting things are afoot with this series. It was
optioned out by Off the Grid Entertainment for potential movie/TV production
earlier this year, and starting in 2015, I’ll be writing the start to the
Mythology Adult series! Hopefully you’ll stay tuned to my website for future
With my ETERNAL love
and gratitude,

And now, the cover….

(Mythology #3)
AUTHOR: Helen Boswell
GENRE: Young Adult, Urban
Coming: Winter 2014


Self-preservation, above all. That’s the credo by which
guardian Jonathan Draper justifies his existence. Or at least it was until he
found Hope Gentry. Backed by the powers of his beloved Hope and his most loyal
guardian Raleigh Peyton, Jonathan should have enough influence to save his
sector from destruction. But Buffalo is plagued by guardian unrest and
increasing threats from the city’s most evil entities, and Jonathan is stripped
of all authority.

Never harm a soul. That’s the credo by which the members
of the demon alliance live. Micah Condie has trouble fitting in, and it doesn’t
help that he has enough power to set anyone he touches on fire. He can’t return
home until he cancels out the debt he owes the most powerful immortals. But
when he uncovers an eighteen-year old secret that rocks the foundation of his
existence, Micah has no choice but to go back home. Now not only must he
placate the immortals, but he must face an uncertain future with his girlfriend
Hope Gentry, reconcile with the family he abandoned, and finally settle the
score with Jonathan Draper.

Someone is masterminding a plot to destroy all of the
guardians and human souls in existence. Only if Jonathan and his most unlikely
ally, Micah, can join forces will they be able to save them.

The fate of all depends on the will of one: THE ETERNAL.

MYTHOLOGY (Mythology #1) and THE WICKED
(Mythology #2) are now available on Amazon.

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About the Author:

Helen Boswell credits her dad, an avid fiction
reader, with encouraging her to read ALL OF THE BOOKS on his shelves from the
time she was a teenager. Originally from upstate New York, Helen spent much of
her early adult life tromping around in Buffalo, NYC, Toronto, and Las Vegas,
those cities now serving as inspiration for the dark and gritty backdrops of
her stories. She is the author of YA urban fantasies
and THE ETERNAL (coming Winter 2014), and NA contemporary romance LOSING ENOUGH
; coming Spring 2015). 

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