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Book Blitz, Review and Giveaway: Helen Boswell's "Losing Enough"

Title: Losing Enough  (A Second Chances Novel #1)
Author: Helen Boswell 
Publication date: April 30th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

When Alexis Lin heads to Sin City for the summer, she wants nothing more than to dive into the clubs, spas, and concerts – the benefits of her father’s high roller lifestyle. On her first night in the city, Alexis gets into trouble at a club but walks away from it with the help of Connor Vincent. Private security guard to the top gamblers, Connor is all charm with his clients, but he's the anti-Prince Charming when it comes to women. Connor doesn’t have time for romance. He has his own problems to deal with, including his wild card of a brother who has come to town to collect on a past debt. 

Alexis and Connor's unlikely chemistry heats things up as chance again conspires to throw them together. The stakes become even higher when unexpected tragedy strikes Alexis’ family and when Connor’s brother threatens to ruin the life that Connor has worked so hard to build. To come out ahead of the game, Alexis must be brave enough to listen to her heart, Connor must finally face up to his past, and both must decide how much they're willing to lose.

Sometimes risking your heart is the biggest gamble of all.
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My Review:
Ok this was a hard review for me to write because Losing Enough was so phenomenal and meant so much to me, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the awesomeness across to y'all but I'll try.
This is more than a boy meets girl and fall in love story.  This is about discovering who you really are, learning to grow with your faults and overcoming painful pasts.  Throw in the fast pace Vegas lifestyle and its you've got a steamy, exciting, sexy adventurous story.
Alexis Lin has come to Vegas every summer with her parents as long as she can remember.  Her father is a high roller and she enjoys all the luxuries that comes with that.  Alexis wants to hang out at the pool with her mom and go to the clubs with her best friend, Elle. One night a she ends up relying on the help of a arrogant but handsome stranger Connor Vincent, who just happens to be Elle's cousin.
Connor has come from a tragic past filled with  abuse, neglect and the dangerous threat of gang life constantly threatening to over take him. Despite all of this, Connor has climbed out of the darkness of his childhood and risen above what could have been a repetitive future. He's not completely unscathed by his past, Connor still carries the deep burden of a past girl friend's horror at the hands of his brother Cruz.
  The night Connor helps Alexis he's hooked, there's something about her that he can't ignore and craves to be near her. Her energetic, positive laid back personality balances out Connor's business like attitude on life and soon the two can't ignore the passion building between the two of them.
The exciting newness of summer love is sucked away from Connor and Alexis when Cruz shows up in Vegas. Jealous of what his brother has accomplished, Cruz threatens to destroy all that Connor has built for himself, if he doesn't help him.  Connor now faces the possibility of losing everything he's worked so hard for, including Alexis.  Out of options, he is forced to face a past he's worked so hard to overcome or risk  losing everything.
What I Thought:
I loved every minute of this story, from beginning to end I couldn't get enough. Losing Enough was such a deep story. The amount of growth Connor went through in this story was touching. He went from a self centered cocky guy to a man who would put his life on the land for the women he loves.  He became  well rounded not for Alexis but because of her.  Connor wanted to push past his issues and become a better person for himself.
Alexis' warm, loving and accepting personality was just what Connor needed.  She never judged him for who he was or what happened in the past. She knew that under that tough exterior, there was a sensitive, loving man craving the piece of his heart he'd been missing for so long.
This Losing Enough will not only touch your heart, but the lessons and love you find will stay with you for a long time to come.
I move forward until I’m only inches away from her and she has to tilt up her head up to look at my face. Her lips part, her cheeks reddening. It’s stupid, but I feel a sort of twisted sense of pride that I made the cool girl blush.
“I’m gonna kiss you, okay?”
“That’s not even a legitimate question,” she breathes.
“I know,” I say.
She drifts over to me, her leg brushing against mine, and the way she’s looking at me is like an open invitation. I move my hand through the water and find her, run my hand across her hip. Damn, her skin is so soft, her curves so sexy. I keep my touch light but really want to grab her and pull her over to me.
“So?” She challenges. “You going to kiss me or not?”
My mouth tilts up in a sideways smile. She’s fiery, and I like that. That’s why I originally came here looking for her, and this… this is just extra but now that the moment’s here, I want it. Hell, I think I need it. I thread my fingers through her hair, press my lips to hers and drink her up with a soft kiss. She moans against me, and that kills the soft for me. I take the kiss deeper, and fuck, how she responds, matching every stroke of my tongue with hers, her taste deliciously sweet, her fingers knotting hard in my hair before raking over my shoulders and down my back.
I want to get closer to her. Want it so fucking bad, but there’s too much water stirring between us. I slip my hands around her waist, and she pushes her body up against mine. We’re skin on skin, slick and hard against wet and soft. It’s like every touch of hers leaves a charge behind that electrifies and pulses through me. I’m rock hard, and my hand slides down to grab that gorgeous ass of hers as I grind against her.
A small sound of need escapes her throat, and I groan. I seriously consider carrying her out of the pool and finding an open room so we can continue this in private. Her room. Laundry room. Somewhere. Anywhere but here.
She breaks off the kiss, tilts her head back as I lean down to suck on the very sexy curve where her neck meets her shoulder. “My God,” she moans.
I smile against her skin. “Not yet I’m not.”
About Helen:
Helen Boswell loved to get lost in the pages of a story from the time she could sound out the words. Originally from upstate New York, Helen spent much of her early adult life tromping around in Buffalo, NYC, Toronto, and Las Vegas, those cities now serving as inspiration for the dark and gritty urban backdrops of her stories. An author of both urban fantasy and contemporary romance, she loves to read and write characters that come to life with their beauty, flaws, and all.
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