Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cover Reveal: Paulina Ulrich's "Broken Wings" (Book Two)

Title: Broken Wings (Book Two)
Author: Paulina Ulrich
Cover Reveal

Summary: Nothing left to lose… 
After a turbulent start to her senior year of high school, graduation approaches quickly for Livy Eckels, however the approaching final exams and college applications are the least of her worries. Gregory Mason, the boy she never meant to fall for, has shown her his world of impossible secrets and powerful capabilities that come with unintended consequences for both of them. A new and dangerous threat lurks in the shadows as the undisclosed people from Gregory’s past begin to haunt them around every corner. These perilous people threaten everything Livy knows to be true about love, life, and death. Struggling to survive, Livy must make a choice: return to the life she knew or fight and risk everything she has left.

When you’ve lost so much, how much more is worth losing?

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