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Blog Tour, Review: Konstanz Silverbow's "Missing Royal" (Finding Gold, Book One)

Title: Missing Royal
Author: Konstanz Silverbow         
Genre: YA Romance
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours


One princess destroyed the world. One princess must save it. 

When she was little she wished to be a princess. Now as a teenager she just wishes she fit in. But Shanice doesn't feel like she belongs, she never has.

When her parents tell her she is the last known princess from another world, it all makes sense. A world full of magic in place of technology. One where she is more than just royalty, she is their last chance to stop the one who is bent on destroying it. Mendina. 

But she can't do it alone, first she must find the other missing royals. In her quest, Shanice will be forced to choose between the course prophecy set for her, and the one that leads to the man her heart belongs to.
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My  Review:
Ok, I just have to squeeze in here how much I LOVE this cover!!! Isn't it gorgeous???  This book is right out of your childhood fairy tales, dragons  princesses, castles and a dangerous mission! The realistic details in Missing Royals will wrap you up and hold you for the entire  book.
Shanice is used to feeling like and out cast and not fitting it anywhere, which is difficult at seventeen.  On her birthday, her parents give her a big surprise, she's a princess from another world and she must go back there to save it.  Shanice is more than royalty she is their only hope of stopping the evil Mendina.
Before Shanice can save her kingdom, she must find the other missing royals and convinve them to help her face Mendina.

“. . . You’re trying to keep that in the past and make a future for yourself.” I look back out the window, and I swear I see Valentino. He’s looking up, at me.
He must’ve realized we should be here by now and coming looking. I smile as he goes out of sight, entering the Inn.
“So you’re saying is I should be forgiven?”
“I’m saying you need to forgive yourself. Move on. Help me now, help me rebuild everything. Make up for your mistakes rather than dwelling on them.”
Javier stops pacing, without a word he marches right up to me and kisses me. His hands on my face in my hair. I almost kiss him back. But before I have a chance to react at all the door bursts open.
Javier jumps back so fast you’d think he was on fire. Valentino’s cheeks are crimson. He looks between us but I don’t know what to say. He’ll never listen anyway. The damage has been done.
About the Author:
Konstanz Silverbow has always been a dreamer . . . but not a writer. Being an author was something  she was dragged into. But since that day, she hasn't stopped. It has become more than a hobby, it is a passion.
During the day Konstanz works, making jewelry, playing the violin, collecting dragons, and learning all she can about medieval weapons. But at night she creates made up worlds and places where those dragons come to life and the weapons are used in battle."
Young adult fantasy, paranormal with a dash of romance author, Konstanz Silverbow; Proud Creator of magical worlds, fictional creatures, ideal super heroes and sarcasm since 2007!
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  1. Thank you, thank you, for the fantastic review! I am so glad you enjoyed the book! And thank you for being a part of the tour! <3 <3

  2. Oh I LOVED this book!! It was SOOOOO amazing!!!!