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Releas Day Blitz and Review: Dani Morales': "Christmas Salvation" (A Deviate Novella)

Title Christmas Salvation (A Deviate Novella)
Author: Dani Morales
“Our love is infinite.”
Paths were crossed and destiny was set into motion, but sometimes fate needs a helping hand...or two. Angel proposed to Nevaeh in hopes to start their happily ever after, but something is holding her back. Can the past remain in the past or will it haunt her future?
Angel’s past makes an appearance that sets Neveah off into familiar territory. Can they both move forward and start a new life together?
 Can this Christmas hold their salvation?
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My Review:

I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to read Christmas Salvation early.  Like Deviation, it will melt your heart and become a part of your soul. Plus you get the blessing of spending more time with the amazing couple Nevaeh and Angel!
Dani picks up where she left us at the end of Deviation, planning a wedding! Those of us that have done it know just how stressful it can be. Angel is there to support Nevaeh any way he can, (this only makes me love him all the more). His mother is trying to "help" Nevaeh, which is awkward because her ideas don't always mesh with Nevaeh's. Old wounds become more acute when Nevaeh begins to long for her mother and sister's support with all the wedding details.
Angel and Nevaeh's love is tested to its breaking point when an old flame shows up for Christmas dinner and makes it known that she still feelings for Angel.
Can their love survive the new trials they're facing or will they drift apart forever?
What I Thought:
I loved having the opportunity to revisit this couple!  After book one, I really felt like I knew Nevaeh and Angel and they honestly felt like friends. They were so broken and together, they became whole.  So to watch them plan something like a wedding felt natural.  Christmas Salvation didn't feel forced or have more drama, it was just the next step.  While a few of the topics where a bit heavy, this book was light, funny and very enjoyable. As much as Nevaeh tried to pull away, Angel was not about to let her go. If you think you loved him in book one, you haven't seen anything yet! Christmas Salvation will take you on a range of emotions from laughing to sighing to crying right along with Nevaeh! You'll hold this book and the characters in your heart long after you turn off your device.
He has that way about him, making you believe in something when you’ve lost all hope. He lives up to his name day after day in every single way possible. I wish I could say that everything since he proposed has been easy. That all we did was love each other as much as possible and as many times as possible, but that’s not the case at all. As soon as we left the cemetery we drove to his mom’s place to give her the good news and it hasn’t stopped since then. We had to pick a date, invitations, a location, flowers, and a dress. To say I was overwhelmed is putting it lightly, I was on the verge of breaking down, and each day brought me closer to the cliff until one day… I jumped head first back into the very thing I said I would never go back to.
I went to see Elise.
About my girl Dani:
Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys and her mother. She adopted the boys in December of 2011 and loves spending every minute playing with them. On her spare time you can find a book in her hand or sitting in front of the computer typing out stories that run rampant in her mind. Her debut novel Entrelacen released in April 2013, followed by Deviation, her second novel and first in the Deviate Series, in August 2013.

So what do y'all think?  Ready for this amazing book and more Angel??


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