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JAMB Review

Nalena and everyone around her are busy trying to keep up, while also absorbing the rapid-fire aftershocks of their changing lives. There are traitors everywhere.
While The Cusp is expected to bring twists and turns, Nalena and Garrett never expected it to throw a silverware-drawer full of forks into the road. Each path tests their loyalty and their faith and makes them question who is who.
Including themselves.
And each other.
And in the end, some things, you can never see coming

My Review:
When Misty asked me to review this book I was like um......YES *fan girl scream* Misty picks up right where she left us in Keystone. Things have taken a turn for the worst in JAMB, Nali & Garrett's world is literally falling apart around them. In the safe haven of their hotel, there is a trader among them waiting for the opportunity to kill the last remaining Addo & take over as leader of the Ianua community. If that's not enough excitement for you, Misty has thrown in another stomach dropping white knuckled dip in this emotional roller coaster she called JAMB. The Fury has made it their personal mission to not only distroy the Ianua but all of the human race, and they will do it by any means necessary  including personally attacking the members of the Reese family.
Nali & Garrett are thrust into this appocolistic mayhem when they are forced into the Fury's twisted world. In order to survive their hellish existence, Nali & Garrett have to deny their love & rely on untrustworthy people deep in the thick of the Fury. Nail finds herself standing alone as a tornado of horrific violence spins around her. Can Nali & Garrett's love survive the strain on their relationship or will they come out as a united force aginst the Fury?? 

My feelings on JAMB???

I couldn't get enough of this book! just when I thought I had JAMB figured out, Misty would through a huge curve ball at me and I'd have to gasp and say WTHeck just happned?  This book took me through a whole range of emotions. From laughing at Zane and his "pancake experiment", to throwing my Ipad (yes you read that correctly) across the room because I was mad at Misty for something Garrett did.  I give this book five out of five cowgirl hats!  It was fantastic!!

Here's an excerpt from JAMB:

“Awesome.  Everything is awesome. I can’t stand how everyone keeps trying to say that being cramped up together in this hotel is awesome,” Zaneen complains.  My eyes are still shut and I don’t feel like opening them, but Zaneen is ranting close by and, unfortunately, my ears are working just fine.  She groans.  “They’re all strangers and some of them are totally creepy.  I ran into one, and all he did was stare at me and scratch.  None of this is awesome.”
“At least we’re safe,”  Deeta chirps.  “That’s awesome.”
“No, no,” Robin says.  The leather couch across from me sqwerks as she shifts on it.  Robin’s here.  She was with our Cura, fighting, and now she’s here.  And Deeta’s here.  A huge weight falls off me.  If everyone is here, things must be okay.  But Robin sighs as she says, “Okay, it’s not awesome, Neeny, it’s baligula.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zaneen asks.
“I’m saying that you’re totally right.  Absolutely none of this is awesome.  It’s awstranomic.  It’s meg-gaze-ming.”
Zaneen tells her to shut up, but she laughs as she says it.
Everything comes racing back—the riot outside the hotel, Mark and Brandon in the Veritas tunnels beneath the hotel, Nok’s escape.  I don’t know the outcome of any of it, except that Robin is here, so I push myself to open my eyes.  It’s about as easy as lifting elephants, but I manage to get them open a crack.
Through the slits, I look up to see the bottom of Garrett’s jaw.  Strong and set, he is listening as his hand strokes through my hair.  I can feel the beautiful indigo of his healing touch spreading through me, and although it feels warm and safe in my veins, it’s unnecessary.  Accepting my father as my Connection, my guide, isn’t a wound that needs to be healed.  A new Connection is just totally exhausting; our fields had to reform, melding together once we made the agreement that I could use some extra guidance as a Contego warrior and he could provide it as a spirit who has passed.
Garrett’s fingers drift through my hair again.  The only thing that could really use some healing is my and Roger’s relationship, but that’s not something Garrett can help with.  It is something my father and I have to do on our own.  At least the worst part is over now that my father’s field is joined with mine.
Still, Garrett’s touch is warm and wonderful and I don’t want it to stop.  My eyes are so heavy, I drop them and lie still another moment, enjoying the reassuring weight of Garrett’s hand as it weaves through my hair.
“It’s only been two days and I’m already feeling the walls,”  Zane says.  If Zane’s here too, our Cura must’ve taken care of The Fury, but why is he stir crazy?  And wait.  He’s been here two days?  That means I’ve been out for two days.  And they’ve probably been dragging me around, unconscious. 
Sounds right."


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  1. Thank you so much, Kelly! I love it! You are such a passionate reader- who couldn't love that? I hope that Ipad made it through the storm!! Thanks again for reading and letting folks know what you think!