Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Five: with Book Nerds

My sweet friend Mary from Book Nerds Across America asked me if I'd like to join her blog & be a part of the Friday's Five *fan girl scream* YES please!!!!! The books I choose are going to show y'all my age, I hope y'all recognize at least some of them!! * looks around the room nervously*

1. V. C. ANDREWS I was absolutely addicted to her books!! With all the twisted story lines including everything from a psychotic mother poisoning children to get her hands on a sizable inheritance in Flowers in the Attic consensual incest in Casteel Family Series these books will keep you intrigued to the last word. Looking back at these  descriptions, I feel the need to ask my mother why she allowed me to read these books at such an impressionable young age........

2. CHRISTOPHER PIKE this is the man who introduced me to mystery. His stories had me gripping the book & hiding under the covers to finish reading long after lights out!  My favorite Pike books include Remember Me  & Chain Letters

3. FRANCINE PASCAL Sweet Valley High Series~These are the books that fulfilled my dream to have a twin sister! Jessica & Elizabeth were gorgeous, popular & complete opposites! Fighting over meaningless problems such as boys, friends & which school clubs to join. I felt an instant connection to these girls and their real life problems. My favorite Pascal books include Best Friends & Love Letters.

4. ANN M. MARTIN  Baby Sitters Club Series ~ these books were so fun & relatable!! Who didn't want to babysit in middle school!! These girls were always facing cheesy problems such as adding a new girl to the club, liking the same boy & the club president going on vacation leaving an unprepared girl in charged. My favorite BSC books were Boy Crazy & Dawn on the Coast.

5. DAVID A ADLER  Cam Jansen Series ~ my friends & I would read these & try to solve the mystery before Cam did, yep we were dorks *sigh*. Cam with her photographic memory & her BFF Eric were always solving crimes that the adults could never seem to figure out (why is that? I mean not even the cops?) When I was teaching, I was able to give these book to my reading groups & relive the excitement with my students!! Some of my favorite Cam Jansen books were the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds & Mystery of the Gold Coins.

I hope ya'll enjoyed  my walk down memory book lane, and it has inspired ya'll to look up and re- read some of your favorite books from your tween years!  Happy reading! 


  1. Lol! Who *didn't* want to be a gorgeous tall blonde with a perfect twin sister, sharing a Fiat Spider convertible, after reading Sweet Valley High?? Those and the Babysitters Club were some of my favorite books in My younger days too! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  2. Thank you for sharing Love! I'm glad I could help trigger the memories & I hope it encourage you to read more!